It's time to plant small fruits!
Pense Berry Farm is taking orders and will begin shipping after the first frost. When you order from Pense Nursery, you're getting pampered plants. We grow them up healthy and ship fresh-dug plants to you at the right time. We're happy to ship to backyard berry growers as well as commercial farmers, so we require a minimum order of only $30.00. and this qualifies you for free shipping.

Red Lake Currant
Red Lake Currant
Our Price: $5.75
Borealis Honeyberry
Our Price: $12.95
Ken's Red' Kiwi
Our Price: $14.00
Prime-Freedom Blackberry Chandler Blueberry Vanessa Red Grapes
Prime-Ark Freedom
Our Price: $3.80
Chandler Blueberry
Our Price: $7.50
Vanessa Red Grapes
Our Price: $5.75
Pense Nursery, Inc.

Pense Nursery, Inc., is a family owned and operated farm with three generations of experience in growing and shipping small fruits. Berries, grapes, and even fruit and nut trees can be grown in your backyard to provide fresh fruit for you and your family. We grow small fruit plants for backyard farmers, and for commercial operations, too. For the convenience of our residential customers, we require a minimum order of only $30.00. For larger operations, we offer volume pricing with shipping included.

All the plants we supply are #1 quality stock, shipped ready to plant. We ship while the plants are dormant so you can plant them and give them a good start for their growing season. We ship from November 1st through April 20th, the safe times to ship our plants so they will be healthy when they reach you. From May through October, we will take your order so your plants will be ready to ship when it's time.

Your plants will need some loving care when they arrive, so please give us a ship date on your order form when you check out. Choose a day when you'll be home to receive your plants. If you need help determining the best ship date, please feel free to contact us.