Welcome to Pense Berry Farm,

family owned and operated, specializing in small fruit plants.

With three generations of experience, we provide the largest variety of top-quality blackberries, raspberries, grapes, fruit trees and more. Our Plants are certified and grown from 1st generation tissue culture plantlets to assure you that our stock is disease free.
These fine plants are grown here at our farm, with tender loving care. We'll work with you to make sure you receive them in top condition, and at just the right time for planting.
We have a low minimum order of $45.00, And Shipping is free compare other sites remember to add there shipping cost and see the difference, so we can accommodate the backyard grower as well as commercial operations. Volume discounts are already set up in our system for our wholesale customers. All discounts will be added in at the final check out, your discounts will be shown before it ever ask for your payment
Please select a shipping date that is suitable for both parties, we begin shipping when plants go dormant that is normally the 1st week of November and we stop our shipping season when weather gets to warm sometime around June 1st. So please pick a ship date in between these dates. . Fruit trees are all virus tested.

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Honey Bee Honeyberry Double Gold Yellow Raspberry Patriot Blueberry
Honey Bee Honeyberry
Our Price: $13.00
Patriot Blueberry
Our Price: $7.50
Ken's Red' Kiwi Liberty Apple Montmorency Cherry
Ken's Red' Kiwi
Our Price: $13.00
Liberty Apple tree
Our Price: $28.00
Montmorency Cherry Tree
Our Price: $28.00

Pense Nursery, Inc.

Pense Nursery, Inc., is a family owned and operated farm with three generations of experience in growing and shipping small fruits. Berries, grapes, and even fruit and nut trees can be grown in your backyard to provide fresh fruit for you and your family. We grow small fruit plants for backyard farmers, and for commercial operations, too. For the convenience of our residential customers, we require a minimum order of $45.00. For larger operations, we offer volume pricing with shipping included.

All the plants we supply are #1 quality stock, bareroot plants are trimmed down to 16 to 18 inch top for packaging and shipiing shipped ready to plant. We ship while the plants are dormant so you can plant them and give them a good start for their growing season. We ship from November 1st through June 1st, the safe times to ship our plants so they will be healthy when they reach you. From May through October, we will take your order so your plants will be ready to ship when it's time.

Your plants will need some loving care when they arrive, so please give us a ship date on your order form ' Online berry plant farm. Highest quality plant farm. Fruit plants online from Blackberry Plants, Berry Plants, Red Raspberry Plants, Blueberry Plants, Grapevines, Fruit trees, Apple trees, Peach Trees, Cherry Trees, Peach trees, fruit plants. Specializing in high quality certified and State inspected Plants, and fruit trees. Visit us today at when you check out. Choose a day when you'll be home to receive your plants. If you need help determining the best ship date, please feel free to contact us. / ph, 479-369-2494

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Ives Grapes

Our Price: $4.50
Ives Grapes
There are several accounts as to the origin of the Ives grape, but there is no question about its dense color and rich grapey flavor. It was introduced by Henry Ives III of Cincinnati , Ohio in 1840 and planted along the banks of the Ohio River during the 1850s. The grand New York State "port" wines, popular after the repeal of Prohibition through the 1960s, were dependent on Ives. vineyards are increasingly rare. Ives has good disease resistants. Grapes are jet black and has a very foxy Concord type flavor, makes a good blending grape because of deep color and also makes a good sweet or semi sweet wine.

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