AU Roadside Plum
AU Roadside Plum

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AU-ROADSIDE. is a new plum variety developed by the Alabama
Agricultural Experiment Station, Auburn University, for,
growing in areas where sufficient chilling of 700 hours of temperature
below 45°F occurs. AU-Roadside has proven its ability to
produce high yields of excellent quality fruit where there are certain
fruit and tree disease problems. The new variety is superior to the
Ozark Premier variety in yield, fruit quality, tree vigor, disease
resistance, and tree longevity. Therefore, AU-Roadside is being
released as a direct replacement for the Ozark Premier variety.
AU-Roadside was selected from a cross between Ozark Premier
and Methley varieties. The cross was made in 1965 and the seedling
was tested as Ozark Premier F-2, see figure. It has resistance or
tolerance to black knot, bacterial canker, bacterial fruit spot, and
plum leaf scald, prevalent diseases of plum, tables 1 and 2. Such
resistance is particularly important in the Southeast where prevalence
of these diseases and susceptibility of commercial varieties has
discouraged plum production. Its resistance to bacterial and fungal
diseases came from the Ozark Premier parent, while excellent fruit
quality was inherited from both parents.
Trees hardy 7a- 8b grafted on Halford rootstock

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