Pense Nursery is a family-owned farm that has been passed down through three generations. The business was started in the 1950s under the name Loyd Pense Nursery. With six sons and two daughters, the family had so many ideas and varied interests that in the late 1970s, the business branched into five separate nursery businesses. All five companies are still strong and growing. Now the third generation is following in the footsteps of the sons of the original company.
The current owners and operators of Pense Nursery are shown in the picture below: Phillip Pense, his wife Michele, sons Drew and Nicholas, daughter Violet Grace, stepson Greg, and stepdaughter, Alexis. Time has brought changes to the Pense family. Loved ones lost are forever with use in our hearts. We change and we adapt. We have new beginnings and new hopes. Our business changes and grows along with us.
We always offer high quality planting stock that gives you the best chance of being successful in your fields. Whether you have a backyard garden or a commercial operation, you can depend on us to give you the best plant stock available. With years of farming we have experienced the highs and the lows, and that knowledge of growing plants lets us give you get the best stock available.